Medical Signs

GreenSquare is the first in the world to offer a unique line of medical signs products designed specifically for healthcare institutions. This Line is a whole system of wayfinding products that were designed and created with only one focus in mind: the specific signage needs of healthcare institutions. The result is a flexible, modernly designed system that covers all the signage needs of any healthcare facility.

Choosing a sign system for your healthcare facility is a vital decision, so don’t get stuck with a single source. A good sign system is one that is well accepted by the leading signage suppliers anywhere near you, and can be easily installed, updated, upgraded and maintained quickly even by the in-house staff.

Healthcare facilities require a large amount of medical signs. First we need to direct traffic to, within and from the facility. Second, we need to direct personal in the process of performing their duties.

As staff members, patients and visitors approach the building they require a comprehensive set of medical signs to allow them to reach their destination. As they approach the facility they will expect to see two signs: First a tall tower sign directing towards the facility / parking area and then as they drive up an attractive sign proudly displaying the name and logo of the facility.

Once they park their car, they will head towards the main entrance and several directional signs will be required. If the parking area is underground, signage will be required throughout the parking garage directing to the elevators and from there to the lobby.

Once you reach the lobby directional signs are needed to direct the flow of traffic to the different sections of the facility. Similarly, additional directories and directing signs will be required throughout each section to allow the staff member, patient or visitor to reach their desired: room, office, lab, etc.

All your medical signs needs for healthcare are covered here, including many types of specific signage products, design ideas, texts, and many creative ideas that are the result of a comprehensive research of an unprecedented scale.

If you want to specify medical signs for your project, please consult the specifying files attached to each product, or contact one of our representatives for free of charge professional service.
Finally, please remember that as a sign professional it is your responsibility to inform your customers (the end users) that when they buy medical signs for their business they are making a decision that will have a great impact on how people perceive their healthcare facility, how easy it will be to find their establishment and what image people will have about them.

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